General terms of sale


Floria the floral workshop offers you the possibility of delivering floral realizations in several cities in Morocco via its website by a professional florist to an addressee, to an address along with a message in the date of your choice.

Some rules must be respected by all the stakeholders (Floria the floral workshop, ordering customer, executing florist, and addressee)

I. Floria the floral workshop makes a commitment to deliver, at best the interests of the customer, after validation of the order, the ordered delivery in several cities in Morocco with the respect for every peculiarity of its own.
Floria the floral workshop informs you that the photos exposed on its site are on no account contractual; they are exposed for information purposes for style, kind and price of the realization you desire. But they can vary according to the season and the availability of flowers.

II. The ordering customer: has to acquaint with present general terms of sale and to accept them irrevocably:

1. That the order is realized and consequently he accepts then the process of order and the present contractual conditions.

2. That by mutual agreement between the parts, the data recorded by Floria the floral workshop represents the evidence (proof) of the nature, the contents, the modalities, of the date and the amount (price) of the order;

3. That he has to check that all the information which he transmits for his order is correct, complete and sufficient to allow the good execution and the delivery of the order (telephone number of the addressee, address etc…) And also his own telephone number. If this information is missing, the ordering customer cannot hold Floria the floral workshop, nor the concerned florists responsible for not having honored the order.

4. That his identity and his address and phone number are not transmitted to the executing florist, nor to the addressee, it is thus recommended to think of signing or of being identified on the message of accompaniment of the floral realization.

5. That the summary of the order represents evidence and an invoice to be preserved. The ordering customer can obtain the documented evidence proof of the confirmation of the order during the next 15 days after the delivery date.

6. That the executing florist will use the telephone of the addressee to make sure of the presence of the addressee in the place of delivery. A second travel is not contractual, consequently the absence of the effect of surprise of the addressee can be considered on no account as a source of disagreement.

7. That all the orders are not of compulsory execution and can occur with a preliminary agreement with the florist executing in case of precise number of flowers, precise hour, too short a delivery deadline, a distant delivery, a holiday, incomplete address.

8. That in certain days of big influence of deliveries, it is possible that the order is delivered the day before.

9. For Sundays and holidays, the deliveries are insured only after an agreement with the executing florist. They can be delivered either the day before, or the day after.

10. That in case the addressee refused the floral realization, the latter will be considered as realized and delivered and that the ordering customer will be informed about it if his e-mail address is left.

III. The addressee of the floral product: must sign the delivery slip which contains the date, and the hour of the delivery. If he is not present (available), the person who receives the product will be asked to sign instead.
Floria the floral workshop commits itself to the privacy of the information related to the realization of the floral transmission (messages, address and phone number etc…)